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All Hands In

Community Support: 2020 Hurricane Recovery

Rock Maze

The challenges we faced were difficult, but we can not express in words the pride and joy we feel to have served, and continue to serve as members of the extraordinary SWLA community.  

Rock Maze

Public Project Portfolio

MSU Bookstore

Wesley Building Orig.jpg


MSU Lake Charles, LA

Former Wesley Foundation Student Center

Project Overview:
The college university bookstore is a vital part of the campus 
community, providing students with textbooks, team spirit 
gear, and other merchandise. The proposed design concept and 
strategy aim to create a space that reflects the bookstore's brand 
identity and target market while addressing its specific needs 
and goals. The design concept incorporates a combination of 
modernism and traditionalism, while the design strategy 
focuses on maximizing visibility, accessibility, and department 

Design Team:

Cohesion Architecture, M&E Engineering, Duhon and Pleasant Engineering

MSU Autism Program

McNeese 2_edited.jpg

McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA

After renovating the Infirmary for campus police, the former police station will be fully renovated to accommodate the McNeese Autism Program (MAP). We centered on the " Transitional " design concept and focused on Organic and Phenomenalism when considering spaces and materials.

  • Organic: "Natural" form, shape, Greenery, integrating natural elements indoors, adjustable lighting

  • Phenomenalism: Visual, auditory, and tactile considerations for building spaces through space, light, and material used.


Design team: 

Cohesion Architecture, M&E Engineering, Duhon and Pleasant Engineering

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